For those of you who don’t know I started out 2015 pledging not to weigh myself on a weekly basis. This was going to last one month…and then it lasted two…until I got to May and could bring myself to step on the scale. In those five months I lost 7lbs of fat, and my body shape changed dramatically. 

Since May I have weighed myself when I felt like I needed a reminder of my progress. My weight hasn’t really changed since July. 

Last night I said to my husband ‘I really don’t want to weigh in on Sunday…’ 

His response was far from helpful, he told me to ‘stop eating then…’ and unlike him that would not work for me, I’d likely just end up gaining weight anyway.

So why don’t I want to weigh in? It’s starting to become too much of my focus again! 

In last weeks video update, I mentioned how I actually forgot to weigh in first thing. This is unheard of, any of you who still weigh yourselves will know that you wake up like a kid on Christmas, anxious to step on the scale before you do anything else. 

Forgetting to step on the scale was mostly because I had slept in and was playing with Greyson, but I still felt relief when I saw the number go down.

How ridiculous is it that after the past eleven months of progress I can still get so caught up in my weight?! 

So as we celebrated Thanksgiving this past week I am going to let you know what I am thankful for in 2015…

I am thankful for a husband who supports my goals, and arranges his week around my gym pattern.

I am thankful that I can now squat 55kg with an Olympic bar, twelve months ago I struggled to squat with dumb bells – my hips felt really uncomfortable. 

I am thankful that I have met some amazing women in the fitness industry this year and that starting January 4th I get to work with even more of them.

I am thankful for every single one of you who reads my posts and blogs, watches my videos and comments on my stuff! Without each of you I wouldn’t have an audience. 

Will I weigh in? Yes, of course I will because I have put myself on the hook, and I want to see where I will be by the end of this year. 

Look out for the video update this week!

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