I remember standing in the kitchen with my husband, we were making dinner, and I subtly mentioned that I was going to be applying for an 11-month business mentorship. This wasn’t the first time I’d mentioned it, but it was the first time my husband asked me the dreaded question:

“How much is this program?”

Holy fuuuuu there it was, the question I’d been avoiding and the conversation I totally didn’t want to have. You see, I couldn’t cover the entire cost, and I had planned to pay monthly and figure out the rest later.

Let me be totally honest: if my husband hadn’t asked this question, and I’d gone ahead with my plan, it is likely that my fear would have stopped me…and this blog wouldn’t have been written. 

So, I told him the price, he was shocked, but I sat there with conviction and explained EXACTLY why this was so important.

I didn’t want to have the conversation because I had already decided EXACTLY what he was going to say, I’d created an entire scenario in which I wasn’t going to be able to do what I wanted – yet he’d never stood in my way before.

My emotions had completely taken over my common sense, my catastrophic scenario had been created from a place of emotion, not from a place of reality.

We paid the bill in full, neither of us regretted the decision, and this lesson was incredibly important for me and our relationship.

Since that conversation in 2015, I started practicing complete confidence when communicating with my loved ones regarding my deepest desires.

When we create a completely unknown outcome, we are doing a disservice to the other people involved and if you are not 100% confident in your decision, you’ll probably disregard it entirely which is the exact outcome you didn’t want.

Just this past week I confidently communicated a decision I had made with my husband about my business and our childcare. I had my clear and confident spiel ready and then my husband says “Yeah, I was going to suggest you do that!”

When you are aligned, know your reason WHY and can share your goals and desires with loved ones they will respond positively.

How To Confidently Communicate Your Goals

You need to have absolute confidence in your dreams and goals. This doesn’t mean you have it all figured out, I mean who does? Instead, you know WHY this is so important to you, and how it will positively impact your life.Your loved ones will support you even if this seems like the craziest idea you’ve ever had, they might not ‘get it’ but that is 100% okay as long as you are onboard with your dream lifestyle.

When it comes to the ‘not so loved ones’ (aka the people who are in your life through convenience and not necessity) it is critical that YOU are confident and know WHY you get up in the morning and choose to work so hard on your goals. Imagine you are Wonder Woman, and when a negative comment or subtle criticism comes your way use your confidence cuffs to protect your dreams and your mindset.

That being said, it can be a real energy suck if you are surrounded by too many people who not only don’t ‘get it’ but have zero interest in listening or respecting your goals.

It is said that you are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with, consider them your personal success team. THIS exercise in itself triggered my decision to leave something behind, because it was the only time I spent with people out of convenience not necessity. If you find yourself spending MORE time with people out of convenience than necessity – it’s time to get really honest about how this is serving you.

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If you are struggling to feel confident with your goals and dreams, perhaps you’ve heard that your industry is saturated or feel like everyone has already said what you want to say, then book a free 20-minute Confident Consult with me! During our coaching call, I will help you create confident clarity with your goals and take that first step towards your dream lifestyle.

When you feel misaligned with your goals, you will struggle to show up confidently because you don’t quite believe it’s possible, but here’s the interesting thing: everything you desire is possible, because you’ve already thought of it.

It’s not your job to chase the unknown but it is your job to confidently communicate your deepest desires and take every action possible to move you closer to exactly what you want in life.