Yes, you totally can, and it is a great tool to start discovering and using to your advantage!

Today I am sharing with you my buffer foods, what you are looking for in your nutritional ‘extras’ and why this is super important!


Video Notes

  • Cravings, Triggers and Buffers
  • We have talked about cravings, what triggers them and today I am going to share with you how you can buffer cravings with foods on a regular basis
  • Add your ‘extras’ into your diet
  • You want to ensure you are getting protein, fibre, water as these are an important part of a fat loss diet
  • History tells us that removing food groups, restricting calories and telling ourselves NOT to eat X,Y or Z – we eat everything and more than we would have to start with
  • Consider adding 3 – 4  foods you enjoy as your ‘extras’
  • Personal preference is key
  • These are foods that won’t cause you to binge
  • They won’t trigger cravings
  • You can have a little bit and be ‘okay’
  • My extras: coffee, dark chocolate and cream in my morning coffee
  • To try and buffer my evening trigger, I make a pot of coffee and drink it throughout the evening. I created a new healthier routine.
  • One or two squares of dark chocolate stave off those sweet cravings
  • Cream in my morning coffee [every day] keeps me feeling satisfied – I don’t feel deprived
  • When you make a decision to eat more food or less healthy foods – try to make it from a positive mood
  • Discovering your buffer foods takes time
  • This is just one more strategy you can use to manage your fat loss goals
  • You want to choose foods that don’t cause you to binge
  • If/when you do find yourself experiencing a craving and eating more than you had intended to, the quickest way to manoeuvre out of the situation is to get the heck over it as quickly as possible. You do not need to quit, you do not need to beat yourself up. You are doing something amazing and your next meal can be better!
  • The more you build your confidence with your strategy and ability – you will be there forever!

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