If you’re reading this blog then there are two things I’m certain of:

  1. You’re looking to lose weight, and
  2. What you are doing is either not working or you’re not sure what to try next

If I’m right then continue reading, because this blog is EXACTLY what you need to read.

If I’m wrong, then that’s totally cool, but you should still read it, maybe you know someone who needs this blog more than you. #sharingiscaring 

I’m going to be sharing five things which you need to accept about about fat loss, your body and your future. Maybe you’ve never heard them before, or it might just be that there is sooooooo much information out there you just know where to start.

Start here with #1, because if you accept these 5 realities about your body and weight loss now, everything else will be that much easier in the long-term.

1. Not a single diet out there will work if it hasn’t already worked.

I’m not a fan of traditional diets, the kinds which approach their clients with a ˜one size fits all’ approach AND focus entirely on calories in and out. Calories are important, you need to be in a calorie deficit to lose fat, but there are a whole bunch of other things which must be considered for sustained fat loss, i.e. lose weight and keep it off.

So, what do I mean by ˜if it hasn’t already worked’? Basically, you’re either not getting the consistent results you want or you’ve lost weight but now you find yourself struggling with your weight and are regaining weight.

The #1 thing the diet industry doesn’t want you to know is that 90% of diets fail! Diets, not dieters. You are not the failing component, these diets are set up for failure before you even sign the dotted line, this is why they make so much money [$20 billion per year to be exact].

Now, I want to address those of you are reading this and saying ˜¦but I know someone who lost weight on [insert diet plan here] and they’ve kept their weight off’ I’m very confident that this person would have lost weight on any plan, and that the reason they’ve sustained their weight is because of something beyond their diet.

It was Einstein who said œInsanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. If you’ve put in the work, followed the prescription and still didn’t get the results you wanted, then it will never work.

The eat less and exercise more approach failed you because you are not a calculator, your body is way smarter than you give it credit for. It can regulate your temperature, heal itself, and it also knows how to detox, lose fat and build muscle.

2. You do not need to count calories to know what you’re eating.

The c word which I love to hate, but yet it still comes up, because the calories in and out method is not wrong, it’s just incomplete.

I remember when I stopped counting calories, it was really daunting because I had been counting calories since I was 12. I knew how many calories were in foods just by looking at them, and at the store I’d seek out low calorie options, low fat this and diet that. Calories were my only focus, because as far as I was concerned nothing else was important.

It’s about your choices, not calories.

If you are worried about calories then the likelihood is you’re not eating a majority fat loss friendly foods, fat loss friendly foods do not need to be counted. Not because they are zero calorie or œnegative calories but because if you are eating the best foods for your body, you are naturally in a calorie deficit.

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3. Your self-worth is not valued by how much you weigh.

For many women weight loss is associated to their self-worth.

How many times have you stepped on the scale first thing in the morning, only to see a number you didn’t like and feel unworthy for the rest of the day?

I felt this way for decades, since hitting my teens, I felt like I needed to take up less space. It was like my body and brain didn’t fit in with others, therefore I had to change.

Girl, I’m here to tell you that you do not need to change for anyone. Whilst excess weight or fat can impact your health in a negative way, you are still a human being no matter your size.

The scale doesn’t validate your self-worth or ability, the scale dictates how much you weigh, and it will mean less if you don’t allow it control your mood.

Your goals are valid, if you don’t feel confident in your skin then I’d love to help you get there, but my only rule is that comes from a place of love and kindness. As a fat loss coach, I want to help women reach their goals, especially when their health or lifestyle is impacted.

When I ask people to consider someone they love, they rarely think of themselves. <3

4. Spider veins, cellulite and stretch marks are all completely normal and fat loss won’t change that.

Weight loss changes your weight, fat loss reduces the fat on your body, but certain things will not suddenly change when the scale goes down.

Spider veins, cellulite and stretch marks are all completely normal, and these don’t disappear. When I lost 100lbs I was so caught up in seeing the scale go down, that I disregarded the fact that certain parts of my body hadn’t changed.

I still had ˜big legs’.

I still had stretch marks.

My skin was still pale.

Even after all this hard work, my body still wasn’t perfect and this frustrated me. I wasn’t satisfied with my results because it didn’t look the way I’d expected.

When I went swimsuit shopping, I was uncomfortable, all I saw was an overweight girl in someone else’s body pretending to be thin. My weight didn’t change the perception I had of myself.

I want you to hear this from me, if you are losing weight and receiving compliments please keep in mind that at some point they will stop. Eventually, your ˜new body’ will become normal and the compliments will cease to exist.

This isn’t about vanity.

I walked around in my bikini, hiding my body, fearful that people knew I had once weighed 250lbs and were thinking ˜who does she think she is for wearing that bikini?’. No one gave a shit about my body other than me, to them, I was just another girl in a bikini.

Weight loss doesn’t create self-love, approach your fat loss from a place of love and respect and you’ll thank me in the future.

5. Your life starts now!!!

Most people approach change the wrong way.

Do you believe that to become the person you want to be, you must first do something or have something?

Perhaps you believe that once you’ve lost weight, you’ll then become the person you want to be, healthier, happier, thinner, more loved or more popular?

However, with this approach you are not taking the kind of action which results in sustained change.

Consider your long-term health goal.

Now think about what this person does on a daily basis.

For example, if you want to run a marathon, what does a long distance runner do on a daily/weekly basis? How do they achieve their goals? What do they eat? How do they train?

You don’t need to have a certain body shape to start training.
You don’t need wait until you are 10lbs lighter.

You need to BECOME a runner, right now, not 6 months or 6 pounds from now. Right. Now.

There is nothing stopping you from becoming the person you want to be now, and if you align your daily actions with your goals, the more likely you are to reach them, sustain them and carve out habits which feel effortless.

Just because someone else believes your goal is ˜too big’ doesn’t mean you have to.

Heck, if I listened to everyone else then you wouldn’t be reading this blog post.


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