Hey, guess what beautiful lady – it doesn’t matter if you don’t look like the girl in the picture. It doesn’t matter if you skip a workout, eat a cookie, drink a glass of wine or take some time off…

It doesn’t matter because I don’t believe that living by the “fitspo rules” of perfection are realistic. The idea that we all want to eat healthier foods, so that we can have a flat stomach, wear a bikini or no longer have to “suck it in” is bull shit.

What about those of us who like to eat and move in a way that makes us feel great? Should we feel that we aren’t doing enough, should we feel guilty each time one of these images pops up on our social media feed? No. You shouldn’t feel guilty for living your life the way YOU want to live it. No one, not even these women are perfect, because perfection isn’t real. You can be awesome, you can live an amazing, happy and healthy life with or without these things.

Perfection is inside you.


“You can feel sore tomorrow or you can feel sorry tomorrow”

You get to choose how you feel tomorrow and that choice should be based on what makes you feel AMAZING not whether you want to feel sore or sorry.

I agree you have choices. Every step you take is a choice, but it should be made out of love not anger towards your body or misery that you are not conforming to this unrealistic imagery. Instead of asking yourself if you want to feel sore or sorry, ask yourself this:

What will my life look like when I lose fat or become healthier? How will my lifestyle change when I am taking daily steps to becoming the best version of myself?

“Are you sure you want that cookie?”

Yes. The end.


“Sore is the new sexy”

Um, you know when I have DOMS from a particularly hard workout – it’s certainly not sexy that I feel. I can hardly sit down, so sexy is the not the first feeling I have.

I do feel incredibly sexy immediately after I workout. When I work hard in the gym, and I eat the way my body loves – I feel sexy knowing I am making my body healthier, stronger and fitter.

I feel sexy when my husband comments on the definition in my legs or my back, because I know how hard I have worked to achieve that little bit of definition. I feel sexy and I feel proud.



“Nothing tastes as good as being fit feels”

Well I’d agree if we are assuming that being fit now means feeling sore [as per above] but I really REALLY dislike the connection of food and exercise. Here’s why:

a] Food can taste delicious and still be fat loss friendly, food does not have to be tasteless, boring or bland to be healthy

b] If you see exercise as a punishment, and a way to manipulate your weight then it’s game over

There is a much better quote “exercise because you can, not because you have to” and this is how I feel about both food and movement. We must eat for survival, but what we eat is the choice we make on a daily basis.


“When you are struggling: imagine your dream body”

I am conflicted by this one. I understand the point, I actually advocate imagining how your life would be different when you lose fat or become healthier. Yet, is this image realistic? If I dream of this body – is this the body I would achieve? No, because I will achieve my version of my ‘dream body’.

So yes, imagine how your life would be different, but imagine it as YOU.

My point?

I’m sitting here making an argument for the women out there who want to lose fat, feel more confident and end the constant diet cycle. I ask you to remember how amazing you are and how much you already do…even if it doesn’t look the way you’ve been shown.

I spent so many years expecting weight loss to create perfection, I expected to have a flat stomach, flawless skin, a thigh gap and the perfect legs. The reality was that as I continued searching for perfection, the further away I felt. The more weight I lost, the more I needed to achieve because I hadn’t yet created perfection.

Fitspo posts prey on our insecurities, they tell us that “perfect” should be our goal, and if we want that elusive “dream body”, then we must say no to the cookie, and work a little harder. The images tell us that we can too look just like the girl in the image.

Make choices in your life that reflect your goals, and choose goals that represent who you are. You don’t need to look like the girl in the image, because you are the only version of yourself – and that’s pretty damn awesome.

And the ones I actually quite liked…




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