Fit Friday is a weekly segment in which I bring you a short but effective workout which can be completed by EVERYbody.

You can be healthy at every size, and once you discover workouts which you actually enjoy you can not only unleash your inner athlete, you can live a healthy, passionate and purposeful life!


If you attend any of my classes [except spin] at the gym, you’ll likely be performing the Russian Twist. You won’t be using weight, and you’ll be getting a hugely effective core workout.

Just last week, my mum took part in my HIIT class, and as we went through the movement, she struggled because staying seated and twisting was effing up her hip.

So I suggested she tried it standing, and it worked, she was able to still twist and feel the movement through her core, but she didn’t experience any hip pain.

Another common complaint is that staying seated in this position can be a little painful on your lower back.

So, this alternative alleviates any hip or lower back pain.



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