The feeling of frustration that we have when it comes to our weight, body shape or dieting is very real. Despite fat loss being a totally different ball game…

I have still found myself frustrated.

I found the idea of not counting calories worrying – how would I know what I am eating? I felt that shorter workouts went against what I had been told for so many years – how would I burn the food off?


 The idea that I had to “detect” what my body was telling me sounded like a lot of hard work – and it was easier to believe that counting calories would solve all my weight related problems.

Calories do not solve problems. People do.

I remember my first week following the Metabolic Effect Diet plan back in the fall of 2012, I had read about half of the book and decided to just get this thing going. I made my breakfast of egg whites with a few ‘bites’ of banana and 1/4 cup of mixed nuts. This meal was freaking delicious!!! I absolutely loved eating like this, yet I remember voicing my concerns to my husband.

“How can I eat this many nuts and lose weight??”

No. I was going to stick with this plan. I was going to follow it through, I had been told [by Dr Jade himself] that it was a process and it would take time to really see results. I stepped on the scale as normal on the Thursday morning, only to have gained two pounds.

I was deflated, angry, confused, upset, pissed off and went straight to the self hate. What the hell is wrong with me? Why did I bother? If what I am doing works – why change it?

It might have been dropping my weight on the scale, but I wasn’t eating enough for my level of activity and I was tired – tired of trying to reach this elusive 146.

For so many years I followed diet meal plans, their lists of foods to eat, I followed the rules – but also always broke them. The idea that I didn’t have to follow any rule other than discovering  what my body wanted was scary. I was scared that I would lose control and that I would undo all my hard work.

Isn’t it more scary to be living miserably than to gain weight?

I wasn’t thinking about the bigger picture, I was focused on my life and body in that exact moment. I didn’t think about what could happen if I embraced the process and allowed myself to gain a couple of pounds, would I actually have got better results long-term? Yes I think I might have, I might have gained the two pounds, and maybe even a few more, but I would have learnt about my hunger, energy and cravings. When I had been 250lbs + would a few pounds have made that much difference? No, but in my head they meant everything.

Dieting and weight loss feel frustrating, but it is really our interpretation of what healthy is that causes these frustrations..jpg

I want to share with you the fat loss frustrations I have felt over the years because they represent the challenges I have faced, and how I have progressed to this point. Fat loss is not the secret to happiness, if you are unhappy with your weight, body and health – then action is the only secret I have for you…in fact it’s more of a reality. Action is how you start, just ONE commitment from today – and keep practicing it. As I type we have just over 100 days left of 2016, imagine if you started now and committed to just one change. Not eat clean, workout daily, cut out processed foods, coffee etc – just ONE simple change and practice it…daily. The progress will not be the same as before, and it will take time to get results, but consider this:

If you believe you have had success on X diet plan – what happened in the days and weeks following it? Bigger picture vision requires bigger picture strategies and will result in longer term success. #quitdiets

Fat Loss challenges the ‘norm’ of what we are used to…

Yes! Isn’t it great that you can eat and still lose fat? I know how hard it is to believe this – I know because as I have told you already in this blog my progress was slowed down by the lack of belief and trust in a fat loss process.

The secrets to a fat loss strategy are trusting yourself, listening to your body, and blocking out the diet myth noise. If you continue to chase the next quick fix, you will only ever have short term results, and if what you are doing isn’t working – what have you got to lose?

Fat loss challenges not just the ‘norm’ of dieting, but what we firmly believe to be the answer to all our problems. No amount of weight loss can fix your self image. The relationship you have with yourself is built upon love, trust and positivity – your weight does not control those emotions.

Does low calorie = fat loss friendly?

Not always. Foods deemed to be ‘super’ also doesn’t mean they are fat loss friendly…at least not for everyone!

Fat loss is about listening to your body’s signals and figuring out a way to eat that makes you feel amazing. Those sugary binges I used to have only felt amazing for a few minutes, after that my mind was fuelled with guilt.

Low calorie processed foods are not going to be fat loss friendly [for most] due to their high carbohydrate, low fibre content. They are likely to be processed, and some are higher in sugar to make them lower in fat. Checking the labels won’t always be enough, because lets be honest, our eyes are still drawn to the caloric info.

Using this kind of information means you can try to discover which foods trigger or buffer your cravings. Can you have regular chocolate, just a couple of squares and feel satisfied without the need to eat it all? Same goes for wine, coffee, ice cream – these foods are not ‘diet foods’ but if these are the foods you find yourself craving – can you manage it? Or do you need to just cut them out completely. This is not about restriction but about creating a life you love and a body you are comfortable in. 

How do I know if I am eating the ‘right amount’ to get results?

Another common fat loss frustration – how do I know if I am eating enough or overeating? Yep, I hear ya! When you have spent the most part of your life counting calories, this sudden switch to instinctive eating is scary as hell. It feels like the unknown, and we feel like we are out of control.

You are always in control – that’s not the bigger issue at play.

Eating instinctively is a practice, and like fat loss itself, it is a process – you do not figure this out overnight. If you want long-term results, then you need to have a long-term attitude. We have been told how to eat for so many years, that the idea of having a choice, and being the decision maker is daunting “what if I get  it wrong?”

You’ll get it wrong, and you’ll learn, AND it will be okay. One bad day doesn’t ruin your progress, quitting ruins your progress.


That being said I advocate a quitter… a quitter of diets. Diets teach us very little other than how to add and subtract calories or rely on products to achieve success.

What if you were to wake up tomorrow and diet shakes, bars or pills no longer existed?

How would you lose fat or achieve the body you crave?

Jump in, embrace it and don’t allow your past to dictate your future.






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