I decided this video just had to be made, and so yesterday I jumped on Facebook live in my group and dove straight into the what, why and how of fat loss.

I wanted to clear up the difference between weight loss and fat loss first, because far too many people are using the term ‘fat loss’ and are just not trained in fat loss strategies.

This isn’t me preaching, nor am I the only fat loss coach around – heck I had to learn from someone, right?

My aim of this video was to clear up some of confusing messaging which comes with the marketing of fat loss strategies.

It’s not new information, but it is logical, and the diet industry has changed it’s version of the “best diet” so frequently that logical appears to be too good to be true!

If have been yo-yo dieting for years, struggling, regaining the weight and just want an out, a solution which doesn’t feel restrictive or confusing then please watch this video.

I may not be the only coach around, but I have first hand experience with the cycle of binge and restriction.


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