“I feel like I don’t have the time to prepare food, get a workout in and still get everything else done. Something has to give…I start off great, and then find myself feeding the kids and eating late, or eating nothing at all. By the time I have some space to do anything – I am too tired to workout. I just want to relax, and then go to bed. The next morning it all starts again…”

No one is going to give you more time.

You’ll never have more than 24 hours in a day. It’s not about finding the time, but rather making the time. If you start to see your physical and mental health as a priority, then you can start to create a structure that works for you and your schedule. It’s not about ‘all or nothing’ but rather ‘how can I make this work for me?’.

I always ask my clients these FIVE things in our first coaching call:

  1. Why do you want to lose fat/improve your health?

  2. What is your ultimate goal?

  3. What is the barrier, preventing you from achieving this goal?

  4. If you reach this goal will you feel satisfied?

  5. What does your current schedule look like?

Number five always stands out to me because I believe we all have our own versions of ‘busy’. At its core, my fat loss strategies are about each individual and their lifestyle – I don’t believe in applying one rule for everyone…actually the only rule I have is focus on your own strategy!

I always consider the following: work hours, type of work, their kids schedule, partners, family, hobbies – without understanding my client I cannot really program for them…or help them manage their time better.

I often work with women who don’t feel like time is their problem, but I ask you to consider this; if time isn’t an issue – why aren’t you doing what needs to be done? Sure it’s tough to hear, but it’s very true – so often we know what needs to be implemented, but we just don’t do it. Why?

For years I believed I would do anything to change my size, but I didn’t do anything, instead I repeated the same mistakes every few months…every year. It never occurred to me that if something repeatedly didn’t work, there might be another solution, another strategy, another way of living.








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2 Comments on So why aren’t you doing it?

  1. Awesome post! I love that all of them are applicable starting right now. The one I’d have to work on most is to relax. My husband and I are pretty good with the other two, but often don’t just kick back and enjoy the free time that we create. We spend it worrying about the next thing we have to do. Reading this gave us a reminder to relax a bit more, so thank you! Take a peek at our blog we just started if you’re at all interested in flexible dieting. We’ve really gotten in the groove with it and love it!


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