This week I have been talking about food preparation over on my Facebook page, and how despite it being a strategy I started whilst dieting, I still use it now.

There are TWO very important questions you should ask yourself before starting any diet plan:

#1 Does this plan allow me the opportunity of self development, do I get to figure out what works for my lifestyle and body?

#2 Will this keep me SSE, i.e. is it sustainable?

Let’s be real, it is up to YOU whether you choose to calorie count or not, but whatever you choose it should be because YOU are seeing the results you want and it should be Satisfying, Stress-Free and you should feel Energized.

So I have been thinking this week about my approach to nutrition, and I realised that there are still a few strategies I use that I picked up from my dieting days. I am going to share these FIVE strategies with you and tell you what has worked and why it is important.

#1 Sunday Food Prep

In my experience you guys either love or hate food prep!

My mentor hates Tupperware because it reminds her of her cutting/bulking days, it reminds her of something she doesn’t want to return to. On the flip side I love food preparation and my Tupperware, it makes my life easier, I do not find the process stressful.

In 2015 It was about control, I could control the calories/macros, everything had to be weighed out. Nowadays it works because it is easier than having to try and find a healthy meal at work, which I also know is not possible. My salads are more satisfying than any shop bought version, so it’s a no brainer for me. Eating food that I have prepared, which is healthy and delicious keeps me feeling great in the afternoon, my lunch tends to be at 11.30 so I have a long afternoon!

#2 I Heart A Protein Shake

Protein shakes carry a lot of controversy with them, when I started using them it felt weird, because I thought they were for body builders and athletes. As I started to do my research and understand the benefits of protein in my diet, I also learnt to love them.

There are many varieties of protein powders on the market, whey, casein, egg, beef, hemp, pea and rice. Some brands have a mixture of these, in particular I like Body Nutrition Trutein which is a mix of whey, casein and egg, it mixes well and I do not have any issues digesting it.

Protein shakes can be really versatile and are easy to take with you on the go, again making it a great strategy if you are focusing on an increase in protein to achieve your physique goals.

#3 Weight Watchers, really?

This one always makes me cringe! I cannot stand diets programs, but for the longest time I would buy Weight Watchers bread because it is low calorie and great for my healthier French Toast. Luckily we have started to get a few more brands in the grocery stores in the UK!

So why do I buy it? I love breakfast, and sometimes I want to have a breakfast sandwich or French Toast, and whilst I could just use regular bread I would prefer to use a lower calorie bread and have more on my plate. Maybe it is a visual thing?

It’s the same concept as using protein pancake mix, I want pancakes but I cannot eat buttermilk ones everyday!

#4 Whole Egg or Egg White?

I know, I know the yolk is the best bit, I hear this frequently!

I like to have eggs for breakfast, and so I tend to mix 1 egg with egg whites, this gives it a little more flavor and increases the fat content and satisfaction of the meal. If I make egg salad I will remove some of the yolks, but my diet is high in fat from other foods so I am not losing out, I am just focusing on protein.

Egg white is the purest form of protein.

100g of egg white = 50 calories and 10 grams of protein.

#5 Water Carrier

Definitely a go to diet tip, buuuut it is healthy to be mindful of water intake.

Water shouldn’t just be used for the manipulation of body weight, it should be drank because our bodies need it to function. I gave up soda in 2012, and I haven’t looked back, I only drink water and sure it can get a little boring but I wouldn’t change it. If I forget a bottle or shaker, I become less mindful and I notice I feel tired and lethargic.

As you can see these aren’t extreme strategies, they are just little tips I have picked up and found that they continue to work for me. It has been an important lesson to not become blinded by a specific plan, because as I have learnt a one size fits all approach is BS, it is an outdated dieting concept.


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