I recently had a conversation with someone very close to me, I guess you could call it a “come to jesus” moment…

She pointed out to me that I was still in a state of “stress”, I’d left a job which prevented me from flourishing, an environment which drained me the moment I pulled up in the parking lot, and yet I still seemed “frazzled”.

Out came the ugly tears, and out came the reality.

I still think I’m not good enough.


I still don’t believe that what I write or create is any kind of comparison to my peers.

For someone who is pretty self aware and confident – how is it I am still dealing with this shit? Where does this belief that I’m not smart, clever or even good come from?


I’ve spent most of 2016 jumping into situations which challenge my personal belief that I’m not “enough”.

I applied for a business mentorship, successfully got a spot and have worked my way through a lot of information and taken every challenge as development.

I’ve built an online coaching business.

I’m helping women make progress with their health, shift their mindset to a place of abundance and they are flourishing. 

I’m taking the information I have been taught and explaining it in “real world” terms and I am sharing my own personal experiences with women so that they can see how this lifestyle really can work.

I’m living the life I’ve always wanted – so why the heck isn’t this, this right here and now good enough.

The reality is that it is good enough…and so am I

It’s just not the “norm”, a lot of people dislike their jobs – hell I was that person for a decade. Bouncing from one job to another, new opportunities, but it was always the same packaged differently. The job wasn’t the problem. I needed to discover my passion.

A girl who once wrote notes and signed her dads signature to get out of gym class, now understands why movement and proper nutrition are important. 

You see when we are younger we pick up on the words and actions of others. When we hear “you’re not clever” instead of challenging it, we seek out validation and we then spend every opportunity telling ourselves that this is true.

Action. Affirmation. Abundance.

Whatever you want in life, there is enough success available for all of us, it is not finite and doesn’t start to run out when someone else is achieving.

Instead of comparing ourselves to others, we should be asking them “HOW?”. You want a life that looks like theirs, then ask them how they achieved what they have.

If I could encourage you to do ONE thing in 2017, I’d encourage you to say YES more and re-write the story that you’ve created based on other peoples bias.




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