Sheesh, who knew coconut oil could be so controversial? It turns out its the same controversy that surrounds all the other oils and butters…

A physiologist  and researcher named Ancel Keys conducted a study called the Seven countries study, he started a taboo surrounding saturated fat, declaring all dietary saturated fats as the main reason for heart disease. In 1961 Keys made the cover of Time magazine when he managed to persuade the American Heart Association to issue dietary guidelines that excluded saturated fats. 

What replaced these fats? Refined carbohydrates and vegetable oils!

Keys influence spread to Washington and by the 1970’s we were being encouraged consume processed foods, refined carbohydrates and processed trans-fat oils. 

The processed food business has been around for almost 50 years and has lead to a rise in obesity, diabetes and heart disease. 

Do you still use margarine? It is still in A LOT of ‘healthier’ recipes, but it is totally synthetic! It is made to resemble butter, and chemicals are added to create colour and reduce odour…yummy!

In 2014, fifty-three years after Ancel made the cover of Time magazine, the displayed this on their cover “Eat butter – scientists labeled fat the enemy. Why they were wrong” This was controversial as some MD’s still adhere to the theory of saturated fats causing heart disease and obesity. 

Unprocessed coconut oil has been around for centuries, it remains solid up to 76 degrees Fahrenheit. You may have heard of MCT (medium chain triglycerides) also known as MCFA (medium chain fatty acids), lauric acid is a MCFA that is easily converted by liver to be used by the body’s cells for energy. Long chain fatty acids from most other saturated fats are not as easily converted into energy leaving some to be stored as fat. 

Coconut oil has been used in studies with colon cancer and Alzheimer patients, more on that here 

You see I would always agree with researching a product before you start using it, but as I have said before we can get very caught up in the ‘shoulds’…

“I shouldn’t eat butter because it will make me fat”

Yeah, OK, large quantities of butter or any other fat for that matter will increase your caloric intake resulting in weight gain. However so can refined carbohydrates and synthetic fats like margarine. 

Unprocessed coconut oil is a natural product, it has been used for cooking/baking for many years and has now suddenly become fashionable. The health benefits related to coconut oil and MCT oil (that’s a whole other blog) outweigh the negatives. 

œCholesterol itself never killed anybody, any more than a bad paint job on your car could cause a fatal car accident. – William Davis, MD


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