Reclaim your power from the diet industry Episode 05


  If, like myself you have spent more of your life overweight, battling with your body and trying diet after diet after diet…then you’ve likely also been told “Just eat intuitively”. How did that make you feel? I know that I always felt insulted, like “This ain’t my first rodeo dude!”, because when you’ve tried […] Read more…

Should you really give zero f*cks? Ep.02


  In today’s episode I’m diving into why I believe that the zero f*cks given mindset is not for everyone. We see it everywhere and whilst I’m certainly partial to a ‘double-tap’ on Instagram, I also know that this is mindset sooooo many women strive for. We associate ‘zero f*cks’ with confidence, and in 2017 […] Read more…



Today would have been my dads seventieth birthday, s-e-v-e-n-t-y, the BIG 7-0. My understanding is that it’s not as big as 60 or 80, at least when it comes to celebrations, but still I think it’s a big birthday. I find it strange how once we hit 30 we tend to only celebrate the decades, […] Read more…