I’m putting my hands up and admitting I have spent many years being a little bias when it comes to breakfast and that my approach earlier this year was a little confusing. For years I told you that ‘breakfast is the most important meal of the day’ and I have, in the past, felt strongly that if you don’t eat breakfast you are setting your day up for failure.

It happens right? We spend so much of our time reading about the ‘next new diet…’ that we start to have bias towards food groups, workouts – we can become very focused on just way of doing things. We don’t challenge our bias, even when we don’t get results.

Lucky for me, I was challenged by Dr Jade Teta – is breakfast really the most important meal of the day? Or is it just the most important meal of the day for you?

Huh. How can I tell you to find what works for YOU and YOUR body, but tell you that breakfast must be eaten? At this point I was in the midst of working on my “Fat Loss Formula” – when I realised I needed to challenge my own bias.


I was holding onto some serious ‘diet myth baggage’


At the beginning of 2016 I created a ‘breakfast recipe book’ and shared it on social media and I honestly felt a little ‘blah’ about it, and I think that showed…it was a bit of a flop. At the same time I was really struggling with balancing out my life, I wanted to feel a little bit more in balance with food and exercise – and it just wasn’t happening! This was when I created Satisfied, Stress Free and Energized, or SSE as I like to call it.

I had started to realise that my health and happiness were more important to me than my weight. This was the point at which I started to change my approach. I would not budge on breakfast. Yet I was finding that on the mornings I went to the gym, I’d be eating THREE [yes 3] breakfasts. Here is how it looked:

#1 Pre workout at 5.30 – bullet proof coffee & a carbohydrate

#2 Post workout at 8.00 – double scoop of protein powder

#3 Post post workout at 9.30 – protein bar

As I type this out – its shocking to me that I didn’t pick it up sooner, but I just didn’t see it  until I started to reverse engineer my nutrition. 

  • Why am I eating three breakfasts?
  • Am I hungry?
  • Am I lacking energy?
  • Is it routine?


“The Four Pillar Formula is the strategy, SSE was my goal”


I’d probably consumed close to 600 calories before 10am, I realised there was something ‘bigger’ going on and I needed to switch this out, because it was causing me added stress and I was feeling like I had gained weight.

I talk a lot about self created stress, and as I reflected I realised my mornings were becoming chaos because I wanted to create an elaborate breakfast every morning and it just wasn’t realistic. My schedule is no longer just my own, and if I want to work, workout and play with my kid – I had to make a change.

I didn’t cut out breakfast completely, but I started to push my meals back a little, fast a little longer in the mornings and start eating instinctively. I challenged myself with the constant reminder, ‘I can eat again soon’.

You know what happened? Breakfast doesn’t hold the same ‘diet baggage’ it used to. I realised the idea breakfast was a non-negotiable was my ‘diet myth baggage’ and I had been carrying it around for YEARS!

What started out as my plan to not focus on fat loss, resulted in the creation of a Fat Loss Formula and coaching program. I took my goal and worked backwards, challenging myself and shedding a diet myth I had picked up over the last two decades. I created a fat loss formula based on the strategies I have used and how I believe you lose fat, change your body shape and keep it off forever.

My Fat Loss Formula covers the four pillars:

  • Meals
  • Exercise
  • Leisure
  • Mindfulness

If you still believe that food + exercise = long term results then this formula won’t work, you will need to accept that these are just two of the elements which you need to address.

The FOUR elements are all equally important but due to our differences in lifestyle choice and personal preference we each will have a different initial focus.

[MELM is the strategy which leads to SSE]

So from now on you will never ever (ever) see me write ‘Breakfast is the most important meal of the day’, instead I will be saying

If you are getting the same results (or lack of) then you need to change {something}, but FIRST you need to address MELM and figure out where your focus should be. If you don’t know which area you find most tough, why should breakfast be the answer?



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7 Comments on My unknown ‘diet myth’ baggage

  1. Hi Melanie, phew this one speaks to me in so many ways. I’ve spent my life struggling with “fat” too many diets to mention. All worked in short term, though I don’t think I was ever satisfied. My last “diet” was 10 years ago-I lived on 500 cals a day lost 6 stone. But when I look at photos I was scraggy. Well I’ve slowly put on 3 stone through lifting weights and eating as little as possible I’m exhausted. Had surgery 6 months ago and at the age of 61 I desperately need balance. . My instinct is to cut back on food??? and up my exercise. All meals are difficult as I can have a full tummy my head seems to want taste. My body has slowed down. I’m working hard to rest but my mindset is driven to fill all my time. Unfortunately I grew up the “more is more” mindset and feel lazy if I’m not rushing around crazy-I’m like a live wire which is so irritating for me and everyone else. Where do I start???

      • Nutrition that is easy and healthy plus fat loss. I don’t feel satisfied by my “diet” main problem is cravings, feel like I battle with those most days. I want to remain healthy and stabilise my energy.

      • Okay, so what I am hearing is that you find what you have done in the past has made your fat loss process complicated. You don’t have the mental energy to spend *thinking* about when/what/how to eat – is that correct?
        When do you crave? What have you eaten prior to craving?

  2. Yes, that’s exactly what it is “complicated” I feel I need to learn to eat properly. I don’t want to use so much energy thinking about what to eat. I think that’s why meal plans have appealed to me over the years, but they are generally not sustainable or healthy. My cravings happen when thinking about or preparing meals-this results in picking at food before my meal. It can be that I haven’t eaten for a while or my meal has not satisfied me.

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