So I had all kinds of plans to vlog this weeks progress…but that didn’t quite go to plan. The good news is I’ve had lots of #smallwins and I am really getting into the swing of recording more videos – so look out for that!

img_8134Fall has most certainly arrived this week…I am sitting here typing, thinking I should put the heating on! I’ve had a great week, trying to enjoy the quiet moments I have and spend time with Greyson and my family. It can be really hard for me to slow down, but I am getting much better at switching off. We had some great time Pumpkin picking this week, the kid is so excited for Halloween – this age is amazing – he sees so much excitement in everything…even looking for slugs on our morning walk.

My back is still sensitive, and honestly I am over it! I am discovering that I don’t like the feeling that I “can’t” do my usual level of activity. Walking has been my saviour so I still feel like I am doing something, and to be honest I’ve been pretty tired this week – so it’s great that I am being forced to rest more than usual.

Nutritionally, I have been finding that I am either not hungry in the morning…or I want something starch based. I noticed that when I stick to 2 bigger meals, I get really hungry at around 4pm…I manage it…but I am playing around with other options.

I’ve felt very inspired this week to produce even better, cohesive content for you [yes thisthe-only-way-to-do-great-work-is-to-love-what-you-do-if-you-havent-found-it-yet-keep-looking-dont-settle is all about you] and really dig deep with what my message is. I want to go all in on my passion, because I love it and I have always believed when your job doesn’t feel like “work” it’s because it’s your passion. Cheesy I know…but hey if Steve Jobs said, there’s a good chance it’s true. 😉

So onto the physique “stuff”…


I am taking my weekly progress pictures, but choosing to not even look at them until the end of December, I don’t want to start comparing small changes now, and I am still getting into the routine.

A movement/mindset lesson I learned this week; I put a workout at the bottom of my ‘to do’ list, instead of making this a priority. Therefore by the time I get my workout complete, I don’t want to move, I don’t want to sweat – it’d be so easy to make an excuse. So my plan is to get my RBT, short, intense workouts done as soon as I come home from taking Greyson to nursery, early morning and my longer strength training workouts are going to be completed at the gym.

I’ve gone from being someone who had to leave the house to workout…to enjoying a workout in the comfort of my own home. Taking some of my own truth’s and realising that consistency and focus breed motivation…

Until next week my friend. x




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Melanie x

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