At this point most resolutions are broken within January, and by the following December we often haven’t made the progress we had hoped for. My theory as to why we don’t stick to these resolutions is that they are either completely unrealistic, or we don’t really care about the end result.

Isn’t it really easy to pledge to give up sugar on January 1st, if you’ve spent December eating and drinking more sugar than you do normally?

So I challenged my insiders to instead think about setting goals for 2017, and they should do it now rather than waiting three more weeks.

When you set your goals, ask yourself:

  • What am I passionate about?
  • What drives me?
  • What didn’t I like about 2016?
  • Where would I love to be in 12-months time?
  • What ONE thing could I do this which will require patience and consistency?


So I want to share with you my goals for the year ahead, and for the second year running there is no weight related goal on the list!

#1 One Unassisted Pull Up [yes just one]

This right here is going to take time, patience and consistency because it requires specific training. I will not achieve this by just doing more pull-ups, instead I need to focus on building strength in the supporting muscles too.

Right now I can complete 8 assisted pull ups at just over 1/2 my body weight.

So my training for 2017 is going to be a mixture of short and intense fat burning workouts and strength training. I love lifting heavy, in the moment when I stand there about to approach the bar it’s all about what I can do and it requires my 100% focus.

I love this goal for 2017, because it allows me to be not only be specific with my training, but each time I’m in the gym – it’ll be a reminder of why I’m there. 

#2 Ten Toe Push-ups 

Okay, so I’m going with a bigger number here! I consistently throw push-ups into my RBT workouts because I find them difficult, and they always push me out of my comfort zone.

I’ve been completing RBT workouts for a few years, yet even when I weighed less now I didn’t have the strength to complete Toe Push-ups, so this will be a huge accomplishment.

Quite honestly the fact I can complete the number of push-ups I can at 190lbs is an accomplishment in itself.

#3 Travel More

This one might be a bit of a cop out because we already have two trips planned for 2017!

With a business retreat planned for September [I couldn’t go in 2016], a potential wedding planned for the fall…I already know we will be doing a lot of travelling!

I guess the reflection, is that I am able to take my job with me, and that I’m not rooted to one place – I can work from anywhere and I will be! 

#4 Read Twenty Books

Last year my goal was six books and I made it to seven.

I’m travelling a lot more in 2017 so I’ll likely [hopefully] have more time to read, long haul flights and early mornings before anyone else wakes up.

I still watch more TV than is really necessary, whilst it’s a lot less than a few years ago, I want to cut back even further and read more in the evenings.

Less excuses about why I don’t have time to read, and more action.

#5 Say YES to more things which scare me

Now I should point out that I don’t say “no” to everything, but I haven’t really stepped out of my business bubble and discovered what’s available here in the UK.

I’d like to take some free courses, spend time networking and learn from other people who have similar interests to me.

I’m quite happy with my own company, but I need to level up and actually dress in something other than sweat pants 😉 and do more things which scare me, and push me to become a better coach and business owner.

Do you ever find yourself wishing there were just a few more hours in your day?!

You are soooooo not alone! I hear from women on a daily basis who tell me they don’t have enough time to do what they have to do, let alone do what they WANT to do! 

Over the past five years I’ve worked with women who want to transform their health, body and lifestyle — their biggest obstacle has always been time.

If you’re a busy and ambitious woman who is ready to step into 2018 with MORE time, then be sure to grab my 24-Hour Time Audit today!


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