This week on Lose.Live.Learn I’m bringing you a very special interview with the amazing Stacy Hobson!

Some of you may remember Stacy from a blog contribution earlier in 2017, but this time it’s JUST her and I — and we are going to be discussing her four-year journey through weight loss and how she found herself working as a Personal Trainer and Coach in the health and fitness industry.

Stacy’s message is so powerful because I know so many of you will resonate with her story and the struggles which come with parenthood and trying to live your life on a daily basis.

I asked Stacy about her recent blog post and how she got started in December 2013, she explained that she was tired and had enough of feeling this way. Her body was preventing her from fully living her life, and she wanted to be a great role model for her daughter.

I’m sure you’ll agree December, the week before Christmas nonetheless, is a freaking powerful time to start tracking calories, but in her words:

“I didn’t want to be another New Year, New Me failure like all those times before”

This speaks volumes because if you’re willing to start something during one of the most indulgent and stress ridden times of the year — well you’re ready for anything!

Here we are almost four years later, and Stacy no longer tracks calories as she says “It’s just the way I eat”, however there is ONE thing in particular which she started and still does today — it’s her NON NEGOTIABLE.

“I write in a journal every morning…”

Stacy describes how she write THREE things she is grateful for each day, and does an emotional check-in with herself daily. She shares with us that she believes the morning time is the time of day we are most honest with ourselves.

As someone who is new to practicing daily gratitude myself, I’ve adopted this strategy since speaking with Stacy and I can certainly feel my emotions at 6am!


What I love is that Stacy said her daughter was the main reason she made these changes, and she recently shared with me that her daughter also a journal/diary and I think this is so powerful because staying in touch with yourself is HUGE. All too often we lose sight of small acts like this as we get older, because LIFE.


When you hear Stacy’s story it might be easy to think this could never happen for you, but we both agreed that everyone starts somewhere. Strategies and tools we used back in the day, are no longer part of our routine, but that doesn’t mean they didn’t serve a HUGE purpose in our lives.

Wherever you are right now, doesn’t have to be your permanent residence, but you do have to take action and make a choice. That first step is often the scariest one because it’s filled with unknown!

I know you’re itching to get more of Stacy, so here’s where you can find her:





Stacy and I had so much fun recording this episode, so we are definitely going to do another interview and share even more awesome content with YOU!

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