Hey there, I’m Melanie!

Most days you’ll find me listening to country music with a coffee mug in my hand, adorned in a slogan tee shirt and leggings. My days are spent navigating my time between wife, mother and my wonderful clients.

I am a Lifestyle Development Coach, educator and writer. I love simple but delicious food, and believe that healthy eating doesn’t have to be so hard. You’ll often find me in the gym, lifting weights and getting an amazing workout…in under thirty minutes.


SHe believed she could, so she did.


Everybody is deserving of health, no matter your size. My coaching style is deep rooted in my core values, and I believe that our relationships are formed on trust and honesty. I will always meet you exactly where you are, and enable you to improve your health and achieve the results you want.

I love seeing the smile on your face when you find a healthy strategy which works for you. Image for download

I’m deeply passionate about impacting women’s health and lives in a way which serves a purpose, and lasts a lifetime. Your life is for living, and shouldn’t be an endless battle with your body.

I work with busy hardworking and driven women who want to BE MORE and still make time for their health and fitness. They struggle to find time in their schedule to fit in healthy eating and exercise, but they also have a desire to live to create the lifestyle of their dreams.

From climbing the corporate ladder, freedom to travel or building their own successful empire — they want to BE and DO MORE.

Normal and mediocre are not an option for them.

I’m so lucky that I get to give them the specific tools and strategies which enable them to create more time in their schedule for BOTH. Together we create consistency around meals and movement, break past their money and success blocks  so that they can create a lifestyle which will last a lifetime.

When I’m not busy helping my clients transform their lives, you can find me swimming with my son, creating memories in my journal, and chilling out on the sofa with my husband catching up on our favourite shows. 

Image for downloadWe live in a suburb of Norwich in England, but my heart belongs elsewhere.

My husband and I love to travel, especially to the USA, our favourite city is New York – in fact it was the destination for our beautiful wedding in 2011.

I spent most of my teens and twenties feeling lost, I questioned everything that was expected of me. Finally when I discovered a passion for health and fitness, it lit a fire under me and propelled me forward into the career of my dreams.

Finally I stopped asking “is this it?” and fell in love with a healthy, passionate and purposeful lifestyle.


If you’re dying to hear more, here are five things you might not know about me:

1. I got my first tattoo at the age of 27, because despite a lifelong fear of needles I felt indestructible after giving birth!

2. I eat chocolate everyday.

3. You’ll see me wearing a lot of pink but yellow is actually my favourite colour!

4. My favourite Disney movie as a kid was Sleeping Beauty, I wanted to marry prince charming…and I did

5. One day I want to own a house near the ocean, so that I can wake up and do yoga overlooking the ocean.


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