What do I really mean by a ‘work/life/me balance’? 
Well up until about eight weeks ago I was finding myself crying every weekend, I felt like I was failing at every aspect of my life. I was bringing my job home with me, arguing with my husband about everything and my tolerance level with Greyson was really low. It frigging sucked!
It took a fortnight ‘staycation’ for me to realise I was trying to do lots of different things, but wasn’t really doing anything at all. 
I was in fact burnt out.
I had been trying to be more selfish for months, making time for the gym and taking my time off when Greyson was at nursery. Yet all that happened was I felt more and more guilty. 
Hi my name is Melanie and I am a control freak! I never knew this, I put it down to being organised and yet a two week break turned me into a crazy woman. I loved the time off, but kept thinking about all the things I wasn’t getting done…here it is again ‘things’.
So what did I do?
Well I started by splitting my time off between Greyson and myself, allowing me to feel less guilty about working full time and I still had time to get a haircut etc. Then we decided to make plans as a family as much as possible, brunch every Sunday and trips out to get quality time together…creating memories. My husband also has some alone time with Greyson every few weeks to give me time to study/write. 
Next came work, when I leave that office I leave it allllllll there, I try not to take any of the (negative) home with me. 
You guys, the audience who I write for on social media. I had to figure out what I was trying to achieve on social media and be more consistent, instead of sobbing that I wasn’t getting anything done….actually do something already! Thank you to Jill Coleman and her #successsessions for the advice and consistency.
Lastly, I have worked hard over the past two months to get as much sleep as possible, resting when I can and taking the time for baths and relaxation. This is probably the most difficult part for me, as I am not good at sitting still, however I also know that my sleep is precious and super important for fat loss. 
We all have different tasks to fit into our lives, but finding the right balance so we don’t burn out is important.
Be a little selfish, and a little smarter.

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