Last week I did something really f*cking stupid. It was a mindless act, and afterwards I was left  not only confused but asking myself “WHY?”.

I stepped on the goddamn scale.

I have been measuring myself once a fortnight but for some reason I decided to weigh myself. I walked over to the scales and stepped on, a little surprised when the scale went over 200…to 212lbs.

In three weeks I’d supposedly gained 13lbs, and sure it’s possible, but I also know it’s reflective of my lifestyle.

In this video taken from a Facebook live, I dive into the EXACT reasons why I know I haven’t gained 13lbs in three weeks, and how easy it is for the scale to be inaccurate.

This video has been labelled [by a client and friend] as my BEST video ever.

Yeah – it’s passionate and I get really honest.



As a fat loss coach, I’ve spent a lot of time questioning whether you can want to lose weight and still love your body. The reality is that I eat a healthy and balanced diet, and I workout – my weight is an irrelevant part of this process. 

When we can approach the way we eat and move from a place of love instead of anger and hate we can actually achieve results we didn’t even know were possible. It’s actually easier to eat MORE of the right stuff for our body’s when we love ourselves, because it becomes non-negotiable. Image for home page on website_CTA for 'what should I eat?'

Consider someone you love, you want the best for them, right? Now imagine that relationship with your body – I know!!

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