Time management myths are the reason you feel so bad when you don’t achieve your goals, because I don’t know a goal getting woman who doesn’t secretly wish she had another hour in her day…

BUT, it’s totally not your fault!

I’ll bet you’ve wondered how other people seem to achieve everything, and when you ask them, they give you the “…I just find time for it…you’ve just go to find time”

Are you rolling your eyes yet?!

Yeah, you can’t find more time – because it’s not playing hide n seek!

Well, I’m NEVER going to offer some meaningless example of my superhero-ish time discovery, so let me share with you 5 time management myths which just need to die!


To Do Lists Make You Feel Productive

I used to have 3 different ‘to do’ list pads on my desk…and I used ALL of them.

This was the exact time in my business, that I was overwhelmed AF and spent most Fridays crying into my laptop wondering what I’d actually done this week!?

If you have a ‘to do list’ for today, it’s likely a list of unimportant tasks which won’t get done and this is EXACTLY how you should use a ‘to do’ list.

If a task is a priority AND important, you need to schedule it. Add it to your passion planner or google calendar, make time for it and get it done. Leaving it on a ‘to do’ list removes the importance, and excuses you from creating the time to get it done!

Being Busy Serves You

If you play the “busy” card, you are choosing to stay in victim-mode.

There I said it.

Think about it, how is this constant feeling of “busy” serving you? Does it make you feel like a great business owner? Does it allow you to have fun with your family or friends? Does it keep you feeling full of energy?

Nope. No. Heck No.

It literally BLOCKS you from moving forward, saying YES to your dreams and actually enjoying the entrepreneurial journey.

Being able to say “OMG I’m too busy for ______” might make you feel like Wonder Woman on a subconscious level, but on the surface it leaves you feeling like a luke-warm-mess. CEO’s ain’t got time for that kinda crap!

More Time = More Money

Offline entrepreneurs often feel like they need MORE time, to work on their online business, to make more money, so that they can make a leap.

The truth is that your time is actually worth more than money.

This is something I wish I had realised back in my first year of business, whilst I worked 9-5 in a job which barely paid my bills, and I hustled every other minute of the day.

I could have quit and found something else to barely pay my bills, something without so much drama, expectation and frustration.

I didn’t value my TIME like I do now, and now time is valuable – my clients pay for my time, so I sure as hell value it.


Less Time Consuming Tasks Should Come First

You look at your list of tasks (which you won’t do after today) and there’s that BIG project, the one which is going to require a lot of attention, focus and energy. It’s also the ONE thing which is going to advance your business and make a MASSIVE impact…

So, you go do the laundry, get groceries, post to social media….check your emails, text your husband back…

You just filled your first 3 hours of the day with mediocre tasks which did not need your attention.

Now, don’t say: “Yes but I’ll just get these out of the way first, then I’ve got a clear head”

I call bullshit, because I know that this NEVER happens. Instead you find yourself less focused and struggling to actually work on this project.

Always, always, always work on the BIG project first, give it your attention because it’s going to impact your business more than what Sally has to say on Instagram about her new puppy.

Time is Just Time

Time is non-renewable energy.

To go back to my earlier point, if you are constantly walking around saying “OMG I’m so busy!! I’m too busy for _____” then you are attracting time consuming yet mediocre tasks into your life.

Each time you have a free day, something will come up: your car will need to be serviced, someone will need your attention, you’ll suddenly have a deadline.

When you treat time as energy, and understand that what you make yourself available for actually comes back to you (the law of attraction) then you will have ALL the time you need to get EVERYTHING done.

Let me ask you a question, with just 10-days left of this month – do you have your priorities straight for May? Do you know where your personal and professional attention needs to be to SMASH your goals?

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