Self doubt is an asshole!

It shows up in the moments you are working on your goals, the moment you start to get results, the exact moment you start to breathe a little… BAM it shows up sabotaging your progress and taunting you with its cruel words and reminders of how you’re not actually good enough.

On December 31st 2016 I wrote a list of goals for the year, and “realise my ability and stop doubting myself” was written at the top under the heading CONQUER.

Now, I can’t tell you that I didn’t doubt myself last year – I most certainly did, but as I started to conquer my self doubt I created an unwavering passion and honesty with myself about where I wanted my life to go.

The very act of overcoming self doubt led me to make quicker decisions which were aligned with my core values and I stopped questioning every action I took in my business and lifestyle.


1 // When self doubt shows up, uncover more doubt

When your deepest desires and goals are met with self doubt, you must challenge them with more doubt.

Yes, you need to play self doubt at its own game and start doubting your doubt…make sense? Self doubt thrives on evidence, and whilst you’ve spent decades validating your belief system it’s important to ask yourself one honest question…

2 // How can I prove myself wrong?

It’s really easy to prove yourself right, you’ve been doing this for a long ass time…

I’m not good enough, so what’s the point of applying?

I’m not worthy of success, so I can’t start my own business.

Now it’s time to start proving yourself wrong by finding evidence to challenge your doubt and limiting beliefs.

For example: if 80% of new businesses fail, this is GOOD information because now you know that 20% of new businesses succeed. Instead of dwelling on the 80%, make it YOUR business to research the 20%, find out what they did differently. How did they achieve success when the odds were against them?

If 90% of diets fail, then instead of repeating the same diet it’s your job to seek out a different solution – find the 10%. There are plenty of people who manage their health/weight but when you are stuck in the mindset of struggle and failure, this is what you will see.

Start doing your research and put your ‘toddler head’ on and keep asking the question: why?

Why do these people succeed?

What makes them different?

What can I do differently?

What have I tried before?

3 // Self doubt is a gift wrapped in your fears

Whilst I have strong feelings about self doubt, it can also be a gift.

If and when doubt shows up, it means you are standing right in front of your comfort zone, your toes are touching the line, and you have a decision to make.

Take the risk you’re afraid of, move past the comfort zone and see what happens, or take the bigger risk and stay exactly where you are safe and comfortable in a lifestyle which doesn’t feel like your own.

Once you’re aware self doubt is showing up, I urge you to take massive action, because taking baby steps is for babies.

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