the 24-hour time audit

For the busy and ambitious woman who is wishing there were just a few more hours in the day…


  • Find the time you’ve been searching for - how does 60 minutes per day sound?
  • Stop having to choose between your family or your business - you really can have it all!
  • Do more of what you LOVE without guilt or stress
  • Tick off EVERYTHING on your ‘to do’ list...with time to spare

This simple [and FREE] audit takes you through the EXACT strategy I used to get my ish together and find 60-minutes per day…YES, you read that correctly – 60 minutes per day!

You’ve likely heard that you must “find the time” to make your dreams a reality – but I can tell you that the time you’re looking for is NOT hiding behind the sofa!

So, instead of making you feel guilty for being so busy, I’ve got your back and I’m here to help you UNCOVER the time you’re looking for with The 24-Hour Time Audit.

Hi! My name is Melanie Knights.

I’m a Lifestyle Development Coach and the CEO of When I’m not coaching my amazing clients you’ll find me being a wife, mother, daughter or friend.

I’m a recovering perfectionist and lukewarm mess turned time consciousness junkie and I love helping other women to plan, prioritise and increase productivity so that they can create a healthy and passion filled lifestyle they LOVE!

You’re going to love the results you get from the 24-hour time audit, because when I completed this simple exercise I found more time.

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